Boy Belts Unbelievable Lady Gaga Cover, Even The Judge’s Cant Handle It 2k

The good thing about the blind audition in “The Voice” is that judges aren’t inclined to judge a contestant by their looks, and purely by their voice since they can’t see them until they’ve already buzzed them through. And that can’t often make from some big surprise reactions from the judges, since voices don’t always match appearances they’d expect.

Contestant Soufjan came on stage at “The Voice Kids: Germany” and wanted to sing his all time favorite song, Lady Gaga’s “Applause”. When first released it became a huge success for the ‘catchiness’ of the chorus and song in general, making it a popular song amongst singing competitions everywhere. As Soufjan started, the judges first thought it was a female on stage, but when they pressed their buzzers and turned around, they were throughly surprised.

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