Boy And Mom Called To The Front During Class Assembly, Left Frozen When They Turn Their Heads 8k

For Josh Caroll, time couldn’t go by fast enough as he waited for the day to come to see his dad return from duty. the 8th grader was desperate to see his dad again but still had to wait three weeks before he could run into his arms at the airport.

But, something special was about to go down at the end of the semester awards ceremony at his school, thanks to mom’s planning and the help of the staff at school. While it started off as an ordinary ceremony, the last and final award of the day was for “Service to your country”. Josh and his mom were called to the front to accept an award on behalf of Lt. Paul Caroll, Josh’s dad. But as they standing up there, Josh noticed someone walking through the doors to the hall and froze in his spot, before running over and jumping into his dad’s arms. The entire hall began clapping and cheering, happy to see dad and son together again.

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