Born Without Arms, Talented Girl Left The Judges In Tears At How Blessed She Is 7k

Living life with no arms is harder than you could imagine, Lorelai Mosnegutu has done so all her life and she’s never let that stop her from focusing on doing what she loves most, and that is singing and playing music. She was abandoned at birth because of her deformities and left to die, until a kind family found her and took her in as her own.

Her new mom “Mama Vio” was determined to give her a normal life, and when Lorelai was just a few months old, her mom started to teach her how to use her feet and legs to do stuff, such as picking things up and even getting her used to holding a pencil in between her toes. The continued work and practice built up over the years and now Lorelai has incredible control of her legs and feet and can accomplish things even many able-bodied people can’t, playing the piano beautifully for example. She appeared on “Romania’s Got Talent” to play the piano with her feet and sung her heart out.

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