Blind Grandma Asks Son To Join Her, What They End Up Doing Is Amazing 638

Some people never feel old, no matter what age they are. We’ve seen many elderly folk surprise us all with their dance moves, showing that youth lies in the soul and heart, and they wont let their raging bodies stop them. That’s also the case with this grandma here when she first learned that Whitney Houston passed away. The 90-year-old wanted to dedicate a dance in memory of her, and asked her grandson to put on a song by her so that she could dance along. He found one of her classics, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, started playing it and began recording her go at it. She started of solo, dancing as much as she could, but later on when she learned the title of the song, she insisted that her grandson join her as it was only fitting to the title. And to make it even more incredible, grandma is legally blind and very hard of hearing, so for her family to see her dance again was inspiring!

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