Ballerina Dances Infront Of Silent Horse. But Watch How The Horse Reacts 6k

Ballerinas have always been breaking barriers when it comes to flexibility and dance. Their moves are unachievable to the normal person, with years of practice and pain going into learning every move.

It’s this dedication and work that has led nail polish company OPI to create this commercial in 2012. It starts off as a dance off between a ballerina and a tall dark horse, called Lady In Black. Different styles of dance are shown to the horse with different types of music playing: ballet, tap, modern and hip hop.

The horse, trained by Mario Luraschi, a French stuntman and horse trainer, performed some of its moves itself and then taken further with the help of digital rendered motions to create its wonderful routine.

“Don’t let the digital enhancements detract from the beauty of the horse or the mastery of the dancers, however.”

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