Baby Learning To Crawl For First Time, Dog’s Reaction Wins Everyone’s Hearts 2k

The first sense of freedom we ever experience in our lives is when we first start to crawl. The curiosity we have as babies to move towards the thing which has caught our eye is what ultimately pushes us in the end.

For mom and dad, they knew their baby girl was getting close to the stage, she was very eager to start moving, and was very close to her first crawl.

In this case, the baby girl wanted to get closer to her best friend, the dog, so she put all of her effort in, finally taking her first crawl, towards him.

The dog was patiently sat there, watching her. She made it quite some distance before she got tired, but the dog wanted to give her a reward for her first crawl, a kiss!

They’ll definitely have an inseparable bond!

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