Talented Teen Covers “In The Arms Of The Angel”, It’s Got The Internet Wanting More 803


Sarah McLachlan is widely known for her beautiful songs, including “In The Arms Of The Angel”, which has gone on to top many charts around the world.

What’s special about the song is that listeners can identify with the song itself, giving a different and unique experience to everyone who listens to it. It’s formed an emotional attachment to many, with everyone amazed at how beautifully the song was written and how McLachlan sings it.

Because of its popularity, McLachlan often finds a duet partner to sing it alongside with her, most notably we’ve seen Josh Groban and Pink, who have helped transform the song into something special.

#TBT to performing “Angel” alongside the immensely talented @pink!

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This inspired aspiring singer Samantha Harvey to do her cover of the song too. Samantha, born in Ipswich, England, has always enjoyed singing, and often displays her respect to her idols by covering their songs.

This time she chose to cover “In The Arms Of The Angel”, and many are calling it one of the best covers out there, some even saying it rivals McLachlan’s!

Take a listen to her cover and tell us what you think about it!

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