Autistic Boy Begins Singing Inside A Superstore, And He Quickly Catches Everyones Attention! 1k

Calum Courtney hasn’t been able to live a “normal” life, when he compares himself to his friends at school. But one thing he can enjoy, better than others, is his passion for singing. His mild form of autism has given him the passion to sing, which inspires him and keep him happy all the time.

On a shopping trip with his mom to the grocery store, the 10-year-old boy heard one of his favorite songs playing over the store speakers, and he felt the urge to sing along too. Mom noticed he was getting ready, so she grabbed her phone and began recording, knowing something spectacular was about to happen!

It didn’t take long for the shoppers and staff to notice him singing, and quietly gathering around to hear his wonderful voice! Calum has a fantastic voice and mom must be very proud!

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