All Of His Adoptive Parents Gave Him Back, Which Led His Care Worker To Do The Unthinkable! 2k

Adoption can have its troubles, there’s so much adjustment involved and a long period of learning which can make the transition difficult.

Social worker Connie has been working with a boy for years, trying to find him his forever family. He has two sisters and they were all adopted once at a young age by a single family. That family however, returned Taylor because they said he had anger issues and couldn’t fit in with the rest of the family.

Taylor’s unfortunate luck didn’t stop there, as he was soon found a second family but then also returned for the same reason.

It was after that second return seeing Taylor looking lost for all hope that Connie, his social care worker decided to take the leap and adopt him herself, knowing that she knew him best and may possible be the only chance at a normal life he would ever have!

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