Airman Holds His Military Dog In His Arms, That’s When They Quickly Got A Flag 3k

It’s tough losing a loved one, whether it was family, friend or even a furry friend. U.S Air Force Airman Kyle Smith was deployed abroad alongside Bodza, his military door and they would be together everywhere they went. They formed quite the bond and they had each other’s back day and night.

When Bodza was retired from duty, Kyle jumped at the opportunity to adopt him and keep him as his best friend. They enjoyed every moment together, a loyalty that could not be matched, but tragedy was on the way after Bodza turned 11-years-old. Bodza developed a degenerative myelopathy, which affected his spinal cord and is untreatable, meaning there was no hope for him. After fighting the inevitable for as long as he could, Kyle wanted to give his best friend a calm and peaceful passing, surrounded by the people and things he loved.

“I held him in my arms the entire time… telling him, I’m going to miss you” Kyle said. The whole time Kyle was trying to hide his emotions and sadness from those around him, until he heard his superior speak out, “Where’s your American flag? You should have one in your building. Find it for me now”.

They draped the American flag over Bodza’s body to give him a proper hero’s passing.

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