After Elvis Presley Heard Frank Sinatra Sing “My Way”, He Responded With His Own Version 3k

Legendary names like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra will be remembered throughout history as icons that had a great influence on many people, not solely based on their music. They were two of the most remembered superstars of the last century, both earning multiple awards and breaking records in their time, from the 50’s through to the 70’s.

They’ve since had lasting legacies and their music and performances are still often played and covered in modern time. Many people reported that the two never got on well, but others have said those claims are false and that they were indeed good friends.

One of the world’s first international satellite broadcasts was a Elvis Presley show. His performance of “My Way” was a nod towards Frank Sinatra who had also covered it and popularized it. He was so excited about the performance and being seen worldwide that the worked out and kept to a strict diet, losing over 20 lbs before his appearance.

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