Adele Invites Two Fans On Stage To Sing. Their Magical Performance Left Her In Tears 15k

Adele is known for being a down to earth celebrity who loves to connect with her fans as if they were her close friends. She recently heard two of her biggest fans cover one of her songs online, just before she arrived to Ireland as part of her world tour.

Unbeknwon to them, when they went to see her live, she specifically called them out to come on stage and sing as they did online. They were nerve wracked that Adele had even listened to their cover but also performing infront of a camera is far less daunting than in front of thousands of people.

Ronan and Glenn calmed their nerves and got straight to singing their mash-up of Adele’s most popular songs. She even admitted that their performance made her teary when she first heard them!

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