Abandoned Baby Girl Finally Found A New Home With Her Guardian Angel Nurse

Having kids is a big deal for many, to love and cherish them everyday as they grow up truly is a blessing. But not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to have kids, usually for medical reasons.

Liz Smith, a nurse at the Franciscan Children’s hospital in Brighton, Massachusetts, had only recently learned after some tests that she wouldn’t be able to have children of her own. The news had her heartbroken, the one thing she wanted most was out of her reach, she felt isolated and upset that she’d never be able to be a mother.

Not soon after while she was back at work as a nurse, she saw a colleague transporting a premature baby girl, Gisele, across the hall. Liz asked her colleague who the beautiful angel was and began learning more about Gisele.

She soon found out that Gisele had it tough from the beginning, not only was she in a bad medical state but she also had no one coming to see her, in fact it had been several months since she last had a visitor.

That’s when it all came together inside of her head, she knew it was more than coincidence they had come into each other’s lives and decided from that day on she wanted to look after the young girl.

Their instant connection only grew, and managed to adopt her just before her first birthday and have been sharing many adventures together, as well as giving Gisele a huge family who love her very much.

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