A Capella Group Stand Around A Bonfire Singing A Johnny Cash Classic Perfectly 5k

Johnny Cash is an all time American music legend. His name is known by millions and his songs replayed countless times. His influence on music went far over just one genre, through his own songs and the covers he would do.

One of his most well known song, “Ring of Fire” is undoubtedly an all time classic and has ben covered and sung by many more musicians overs the years.

Now it’s time to introduce “Home Free Vocal Band”. Like many others, they had also been influenced by Johnny Cash and his music and thought to cover his song. They knew that just covering it without any visuals has been done by many, so they wanted to add an extra twist not only with their voices, but also the location where they sing.

A real treat is Avi Kaplan’s performance. The incredible bass vocalist is most well-known for his part in another a cappella group, Pentatonix. His deep and smooth tones round out their harmonies, giving it a depth and fullness that would be sorely lacking without him. Still, it is rare for fans to hear him taking on lead vocals. Hearing Avi spread his vocal wings and really show off his impressive range is one of the highlights of this mix.

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