97-Year-Old Grandpa Sings Favorite Hymn With Sons. It Had Family In Tears 35

There’s nothing like the feeling of being with your family and friends.

97-year-old Grandpa Walters was proud of the accomplishments he had achieved in life. Not only did he have a loving family, but he was also blessed to see his grandkids’ important milestones in life too.

When he fell sick and was admitted to hospital at the Ohio Health Mansfield Hospital, he knew he didn’t have much left in him. He had one request, and that was for his family and friends to be with him as much as possible in his last days.

He wanted to cherish every last moment he had left with them, which even led to singing one of his favorite hymns with his sons, “How Great Thou Art”.

They had everyone in tears, including the nurses, at how beautiful they were together.

Sadly, Grandpa Walters passed away the following morning, but his family were glad that he had the comfort of his family and friends.

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