8-Year-Old Girl Invited On Stage To Sing And Honor Local Heroes And Wins Their Hearts 2k

Children are blessed with soft voices that let them sing beautifully without even having to try. Their soft tones and adorable appearances always make them a popular act and loved by all.

8-year-old Kaitlyn Maher, boring in Michigan, is quite the upcoming star. Not only does she sing, she’s also an actress . She’s had quite the success at playing at some high profile events for some very well known people, all thanks to her success on the American television reality show, “America’s Got Talent”, as on of the top ten finalists.

The organisers at the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce’s Valor Awards in Lansdowne, VA, wanted a perfect voice to sing and inspire and honor Loudoun County’s law enforcement and emergency personnel with her signing “God Bless America Medley”.

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