7-Year-Old Sings Like An Old Soul In A Young Body And Nobody Can Believe It 2k

Angelina Jordan has been in love with music and signing ever since she can remember. She was one and a half years old when she started singing, albeit made up words, to any tune that would be playing on the radio.

She was always keen on hearing new songs from her favorite artists and always trying to cover them herself in the privacy of her own bedroom. Even as a toddler she loved to sing “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. Her parents gradually accepted that she had a passion for singing and she was very good at it too, encouraging her to sing more and buying her karaoke machines which had her singing almost every day.

When she was 7-years-old, she saw the auditioning advert for Norway’s Got Talent and it had her thinking. She was ready to finally follow her dreams and step out to the world. In her first audition, she left he judges gobsmacked and in awe at how well she could sing for someone her age. She went on to win the competition and became an international star, with booking and performance all over the globe.

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