6-Year-Old Twins Compete At Local Dancing Competition And Leave Everyone Stunned 4k

Kids competitions and talent shows are always full of interesting performances bound to leave you smiling at their talents and effort. Watching the young ones take part in the hobbies is great for them and it could even shape their future more than you know it.

Twins either get along very well or they don’t, there’s usually no middle ground and it can change on a daily basis. When 6-year-old twins, Jacob and Brooklyn Lipke, realized that they both liked to dance from a young age, mom put them into dance classes together and they’ve become fantastic dance partners over time.

After months of practice and rehearsals, they took to the stage at the Hall of Fame Nationals in Chicago. They went by their duet name, “Here Comes Trouble” and you can see exactly why!

Twins that dance together, stay together!

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