2-Year-Old Girl Living With Cancer Has Only One Wish This Christmas And She Needs YOUR Help 907

Growing up a kid, we all loved Christmas. It meant we would get to spend time with out family, present and the occasional Christmas cards from family and friends. But not all kids have the comfort of having an enjoyable Christmas.

2-year-old Kaydence Weaver was diagnosed with cancer not along ago and has only one wish for this Christmas, to receive Christmas cards. She tries to stay happy everyday but the constant chemotherapy treatments and hospital appointments means that she’s always worn out and find it difficult to do anything she enjoys.

Her aunt told her about another young boy who was in a similar situation and recieved over 500 Christmas greetings cards from stranger. Now Kaydence and her aunt are trying to raise awareness of her situation and are determined to get 500 Christmas cards of their own.

Her aunt says that she hopes the kind words and cheerful pictures on all of the cards will give Kaydence the motivation and strength to go through the rest of her treatment.

Even the Noblesville Fire Department pitched in and all came together to write Kaydence large greetings cards with touching messages in them.

If you are interesting in mailing a Christmas card to Kaydence and her sister, you can send it to the following address:

Kaydence and Salem Weaver

C/O Misty Deavers

PO BOX 615

Noblesville, IN 46061

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