12 Years After Giving Birth To Identical Twins, Mom Notices One Of Them Acting Odd On The Floor 7k

Happy couple Jeff and Peggy Kehoe were over the moon when they finally got to meet their beautiful twin girls, Jenna and Hailey. Their eye-catching features made them stand out from any crowd and they always had a strong bond between each other.

As the girls were living an ordinary life, at twelve years old, their parents found one of them, Hailey, lying unconscious on the floor unable to open her eyes and having almost no ability to speak. Peggy and Jeff knew something was wrong, but at the time they had no idea the extent of Hailey’s condition.

They instantly took Hailey to the hospital to get her checked out but were shocked when the doctors told them that Hailey had suffered from a brain hemorrhage and they instantly feared for the worst.

Doctors said there was nothing they could do — but the Kehoe family refused to accept this.

At this point, Hailey was flown away to a specialist care unit where she would undergo a risky procedure, and her sister Jenna stood by her side throughout the whole thing.

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