10-Year-Old Olivia Sounds Like A Young Adele With Her Cover Of “Rolling In The Deep” 4k

Every now and then you’ll hear a kids voice and you will just know that they will make it far with their gift and talent. In this case, 10-year-old Olivia Kay gained many supporters after she covered Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”/

The now 13-year-old from Oklahoma has already accomplished many feats and has a large following, more so than many singer twice her age. She has a natural powerful voice that allows her to really get in the deep notes that many of her covers and song require, not something most kids can do.

Paired with her positive personality, her opportunities and endless and has many doors open to make her into a superstar she deserves to be. This cover of Adele’s song really helped to propel her to be known to the masses.

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