While Mom Was Giving Birth, The Doctors Looked Down And Saw Something Incredible 28k

Videos by BestWorthy on June 22, 2016

No one’s ever quite ready for when it’s time for the baby to come out and into the world for the first time, it can seem like a blur with so many mixed emotions and so much going on. One couple wanted to take pictures of their child’s birth to make it all the more memorable and special, and they managed to get one photo of their newborn baby holding onto the doctor’s hand that has gone viral.

Baby Nevaeh was given his name by spelling ‘heaven’ backwards, as that’s what he meant to his parents. They asked the doctors and nurses at the hospital if it had ever occurred before, and while they had heard of it, they had never seen it until now.

Baby In Womb Grabs Doctor's Finger

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