When The Bee Gees Performed “Blue Island”, Their Harmonies Made The World Fall In Love 4k

Videos by BestWorthy on April 25, 2017

The Bee Gees were everything back in the 60’s, brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibbs were superstars who saw their names plastered everywhere especially during the 60’s through to the 70’s where their efforts really paid off. They had their own trademark sound, they relied on their differing harmonies to create the core of their songs and saw instruments only as accessories to fill in the gaps. They often preferred doing acoustic songs so that their voice and harmonies would go uninterrupted by the use of many instruments and using their guitars gently to keep it all flowing.

Truth be told, anytime they were singing, it was pure magic for everyones ears, and the world just couldn’t get enough. When they released “Blue Island” in 1993 as part of their album, it became one of their hidden treasure songs, although it didn’t get as much fame and playtime as their other hits, they regarded it as one of their best songs, and it’s easy to hear why.

Bee Gees - Blue Island - LIVE acoustic ** improved brilliant audio + video **

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