Subway Singer Wows The Judges With Cover Of “Don’t Give Up On Me”, He Can’t Control His Emotions 368

Videos by BestWorthy on September 9, 2017

Talent comes from all the corners of the world, even in places you’d least expect it. Mike Yung has long been a subway singer, for almost four decades in fact, and he’s finally decided it’s time to make a name for himself on the big stage.

In the final few stages on ‘America’s Got Talent’, he’s practiced and dedicated himself to giving it all he’s got to find a way to win the competition. His cover of “Don’t Give Up On Me” was phenomenal by all means and received a great response from everyone. Here’s hoping to see him famous one day!

Mike Yung: Subway Singer Covers "Don't Give Up On Me" - America's Got Talent 2017

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