Simon Is Asked To Write A Secret On The Paper, He Wasn’t Prepared For What Was About To Come 2k

Videos by BestWorthy on April 19, 2017

It takes a lot to surprise Simon Cowell, especially when it comes to talent shows. He’s often more critical of ‘magic’ acts, thinking them as fake and too repetitive. But when duo Andrew and Darren came on stage saying they were going to read the judges’ minds, they were looking forward it.

After reading Amanda Holden’s mind, they invited Simon Cowell on stage, handing him a notebook and asking him to create scenario in his mind while writing it down. Then Andrew came out with all of the things Simon was asked to write down, without having ever looked back at them. At that moment, all the judges were left speechless. It didn’t end there, they had one final trick up their sleeves…

DNA leave the audience and Judges totally spooked | Auditions Week 1 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

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