Man Sees A Stray Kitten Walking Towards Him. He Takes A Closer Look And Left Shocked 3k

Videos by BestWorthy on July 13, 2017

Casey Shaw was out at his local park skateboarding when he saw a small figure slowly walking toward him. He went closer to investigate and noticed a small kitten was making its way to him. When they got close enough, Casey noticed the harsh condition Margot the kitten was in and knew he had to seek help for her fast.

He grabbed a crate from his car and put her inside, and went straight to the veterinarian’s office. After multiple checks, they found she was in a bad condition and put her on medication and a road to recovery straight away.

It took a while but Margot’s health was in top condition and she was ready to make a loving house cat.

Stray Kitten Walks Up To A Man Asking For Food And Love. A Year Later?

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