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You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t park you car in a way that obstructs access to the fire hydrant. Have you ever thought what could happen if you do?

Gizmodo Australia

Gizmodo Australia

The City of Merced Fire Department of California became popular after the posted pictures and video online showing what happens in emergencies to cars when they are parked obstructing a fire hydrant.

An unthoughtful driver left their car parked directly in front of one and had gone elsewhere by foot, possibly to the local shops. It was at that moment that the fire fighters got a call that a neighbor’s home had caught fire and it needed urgent response.

Source: reddit

Source: reddit

When the firefighters arrived, they used a technique they’ve termed ‘hosing’. It is far more important for them to save lives than to care about a car, so they grab a wrench or any tool they can get their hands on, and smash the driver and passenger side windows, to allow the hose to be piped though.

It’s essential that the hose is always as straight and unkinked as it can be, allowing maximum water flow. If there are any sharp fold in the pipe, it can stop the flow of water altogether, which could lead to a disaster.

Let’s all learn from this driver’s mistake and take extra care to not block fire hydrants when parking!

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