Grandma Was Rushed To Hospital And Nearly Died. After Her Surgery, She Sat Down At The Piano. Beautiful! 2k

Videos by BestWorthy on November 30, 2016

Being rushed to the hospital is always s traumatic experience, the gloomy hospital environment does little to make someone feel better too.

86-year-old Natalie Trayling was rushed to hospital by her son. She wasn’t feeling well and collapsed in their home. When she got there, the doctors told her she was suffering from anaemia and instantly started her on her medication. After a near death experience, she wants to get up and do something that would make her feel alive, the piano!

She sat down and composed her own song while she was there at the hospital and it’s every part beautiful. She named the song “The Last Day Of Winter”. A fitting name for a great piece!

Natalie: Playing at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. (the last day of winter)

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