Girl Walks On Stage With A Huge Smile, Her Voice Has The Judges Smiling Too 2k

Videos by BestWorthy on July 13, 2017

Anyone who’s been on a stage in front of a crowd knows how scary it can be to be in the spotlight and under pressure. For 13-year-old Angelina Green, she waited a long time to be given the opportunity and was ready for it on America’s Got Talent.

The singer always had a passion for singing, it became a part of her life after he parents split and divorced, it was her way to divert her mind from being sad. She walked on stage with a big “infectious” smile and began perming “I’ll Stand By You”. It didn’t take long for the smiles to appear on the judge’s faces too and for the entire crowd to be on their feet for a standing ovation!

Angelina Green: 13-Year-Old Singer Earns Golden Buzzer From Heidi Klum - America's Got Talent 2017

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