Dolly Parton And Carrie Underwood Come Together For A Legendary Duet And It’s Perfect! 6k

Videos by BestWorthy on November 27, 2016

It’s always been Carrie Underwoods dream to be able to get on stage with the angelic Dolly Parton and to sing alongside her. She says that itS every country girls dream and that she’s very honored for the opportunity, and for good reason!

Dolly Parton is the biggest and most popular female country performer of all time, reaching a record breaking number of awards and honors. She’s also a star member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Dolly was the original writer for the famous song, “I Will Always Love You” which was popularized in music again by Whitney Houston.

Here, Carrie Underwood joined Dolly Parton to cover the song and it turned out amazing!

Carrie Underwood & Dolly Parton - "I Will Always Love You"

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